Ways to break the habit of comparing

In one of my article on the habit of comparison, I have mentioned 6 reasons on how the habit of comparing with others steals the joy of your life and does not let you live life peacefully. You may be aware of or may have experienced yourself that comparisons are never healthy and they only harm you in many ways. So, if you often compare yourself with others, you must read this article to know the tips that you can implement in your life to get rid of this habit that is only lowering your sense of self-worth.

There are so many ways in which you can break this habit of comparing. To live your life to the fullest, it is very important to stop comparing your life to anyone.

Following are the tips that would help you break the habit:

Know Your Uniqueness

Remember, there is no one like you in the whole world. You are a unique individual having your own qualities, strengths, and weaknesses in life that differentiate between you and others. You have your own identity in life, no one can become like you and you cannot become someone. So, learn to celebrate and appreciate your uniqueness and there will be no room for comparisons.

Do not Let a Day go without Learning 

Every moment of life we are learning and evolving, but how mindful we are about our learning, is a different thing. Consciously and unconsciously we are learning all day, but the best learning happens only when we consciously involved in the process. So make your learning a conscious process and try to learn something new every day. Whatever attracts your attention or any interest you have in life, expand the knowledge regarding that and you will see, how much contended you start to feel in your life. The more you feel fulfilled in your life the more peaceful you become and this helps you to keep away from the habit of comparing.

Have Passions and Dreams 

We all have passions and dreams in life but if we are not doing anything for them, it will stay there forever unfulfilled. It just doesn’t matter how big or small your dreams are, take steps to go in the direction of your dreams. When you have something meaningful to do in life, then you will not get time to ponder over what others are doing or what they have in life. A focused mind never wanders and always stays engaged in a meaningful purpose.

Accept Your Imperfections 

There is no one in the world who is perfect in all the aspects of life. There is always something where you as a person lack and has some kind of imperfection. So accept your flaws and imperfections in life and do not crib. Try to improve in those areas where you feel you need improvement, but if that is something on which you have no control, then proudly accept them. As we are not our flaws or imperfections, but we are a combination of all our perfections and imperfections, that make us unique individuals.

Appreciate Your Initiatives and Accomplishments 

Rather than focusing on other people’s accomplishments or achievements turn your focus on your own initiatives, no matter how big or small they are and take pride in them. Your small or big accomplishments at every step of life, makes you feel more satisfied and contented. Appreciate yourself more often. Do not always look for a feedback from others. Give feedback to your own self, the way you give it to your friends or close ones.


Express gratitude more often to our creator who has blessed us with this beautiful life to experience this beautiful world. Do not forget to express gratitude for people, friends, family and anyone who has done something for you. In this world we cannot do anything all alone, we as a society are interdependent on each other. So everyone is important and has a role to play in this world. So you should not belittle yourself by comparing with others, as your presence in this world and every act of yours, big or small matters.

Get Inspired and Be an Inspiration 

Look at others for inspiration, as it is always good to be inspired by other people’s success stories and accomplishments. Do not compare yourself with others and do not seek to be like them. Be yourself and find your true potential. If someone is successful in life, just try to know the story behind his success, as it will give you a clear idea of the hard work that led him to his current status in life. Be inspired and give your best to inspire other people in life. It doesn’t matter how small or big are your efforts in life, but it should be something that can inspire others.

Be a Better Version of Yourself 

When we compare ourselves with others, we always end up feeling inferior or worthless. However, when we shift our focus on our own self, only then, we can do justice to our own growth in life. Do something every day that makes you a better person.

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