Empowering Women

Counselling for Empowering Women

Though our society is constantly evolving and many women are excelling in various fields, but the expectations from women in our society have not changed much. Societal expectations influence women’s behaviour and relationships to a great extent. Due to this, women strive to fulfill other people’s expectations and give more emphasis on caring and nurturing others, while ignoring their own well-being, needs, and desires. Apart from the cultural expectations, there are lots of common issues that almost every woman faces in our society at various stages of her life. Gender discrimination, inequality, stereotypes, lack of control in daily life and individual identity are some of the issues that women battle with. All these issues deeply impact their psyche in general and eventually hinder personal growth and progress in life. More often women find it difficult to voice out their opinions and expectations in personal as well as professional life, which becomes another cause of distress.

How Can We Help

We strive to help you to take control over your life and be empowered. Counselling will help you to rediscover your inner strengths, increase and enhance your self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence and communication skills and bring greater self-acceptance in your life. Once there is an awareness of the self, it leads to enhanced personal growth that helps you feel more confident, assertive and empowered. You will be enabled to manage your life issues with ease and will be able to live a  more fulfilling life. Counselling will also empower and help you discover how to break stereotypes and of traditional roles that may be blocking your development and growth.