Dr. Shalini Purohit

Dr. Shalini Purohit is a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society) and Hypnotherapist, but you can also call her a mother, mentor, crisis volunteer, and a big fan of positivity. She loves working with young people to help them find their lost motivation or self-worth.

She’s a University Gold Medalist with a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Certification as a Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis (NLP Centre, NY). She’s been practicing for more than a decade now and absolutely loves what she does. She has worked with children to help them identify barriers in learning, teenagers to help them overcome struggles related to peers, teachers & parents; young adults overcome their fears, help deal with anxiety and stress, and adults to help manage depression, generalized anxiety, and phobias. She has also worked with teachers and parents by guiding and educating them through talks and workshops. She has also presented and hosted webinars on subjects like trauma, procrastination, spiritual coping, etc.

She started her career by joining as a Consultant Psychologist at M.B. Government Hospital, Udaipur in 2003 and continued working there till 2007. Later she worked in the capacities of Neurofeedback therapist, EAP counselor, Senior Psychotherapist, visiting Consultant, and Specialist Mentor (in Udaipur, Delhi & Bangalore) to name a few. She also has experience in teaching Psychology in college as a Guest lecturer. She has presented papers in International and National Conferences and has accrued publications in journals and books. Currently, she’s based in London and has been working extensively to spread mental health awareness and help people by volunteering for various projects during pandemic.

She helps her clients to engage in healthy coping mechanisms and find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their outlook towards life’s challenges. She has trained herself in different modalities to find the right approach for every individual.