Women Issues

We offer professional online counselling services with a focus on issues that are unique to women. Women face many unique obstacles in their lives and the hectic pace of life may not allow them to stop and ask for help. But once a woman realizes that something needs to be changed or something is not right, seeking help would be the best course of action.

Counselling will give you the opportunity to talk and have someone by your side to listen to you without any judgment and in a safe environment.

Our counselling services will help women to explore and review their lives. At Your Counselling Corner, you will experience a safe and nurturing environment, as together we will explore the problems and issues, thoughts and feelings that may be interfering with your sense of contentment, peace, and happiness. We will work collaboratively to create an environment where you can discover your internal resources and inner wisdom. You will begin to experience the benefits after a session as together, we can find out a path that leads to your fulfillment. We are looking forward to helping you along your journey, so you can start creating a life you have always dreamed of.

Counselling for women at Your Counselling Corner is an initiative to empower you in all aspects of life so that you can take up the life challenges with confidence and also feel motivated to meet your needs.

The areas of counselling that we deal with include:

Counselling for Empowering Women
Counselling for Relationships
Counselling for Pre and Post Marriage Adjustments and Transitions

The other issues for which we offer help, include:

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Perinatal/Postpartum Period
Shame and Self-Doubt
Grief and Loss
Adjustment and Transitions
Dating problems
Family Concerns
Self-esteem and assertiveness related issues
Miscarriages, abortion, and grief
Identity Crisis/Struggles
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Body Image