No longer are the days where you can just go out on a nice date, enjoy it and then go home and repeat the process. There is no respect anymore. If you go out on a date with someone, a million questions have to be answered. How many other girls are they talking to? How often are they on Tinder? Why hasn’t he texted me back all day? Instead of enjoying the time we spent with them, we have to analyze every moment. Who were they texting during our date? Why was I not interesting enough that he has to even pull his phone out? Cell phones are a terrible way to communicate. So much interpretation is lost in texting. What could mean something so simple can come across as a tragic ending to something beautiful over a text message. We spend all day checking our phones just to see if he’s texted back. And then what? You guys go out on another date and you think things are going great until the dreaded question comes up. “What are we?” This will send them into a downward spiral of things you don’t want to hear. No one wants to commit to something in today’s dating era. They’ll tell you “oh, we’re just friends.” or “I don’t want a relationship right now.” which leaves you so confused because then why are they doing all the things a boyfriend would do for you and not want a relationship? You get led on and hurt and then you start back again at the beginning of the process and the same thing happens time and time again. It turns beautiful, confident girls into girls who don’t think they deserve a loving relationship. When they finally find someone that will treat them right, these once confident girls end up not even giving him a chance because he is different than what they’re used to.

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