Our Perception

“Close your eyes……open…….look at the clouds,

it’s an elephant.

Close……open….it’s a boat.

Close……open…..no, no, it’s a rose.”

I loved this game as a kid. There were many more but this game taught an important lesson i.e. ” change is the only constant.”

I keep wondering how small things have deep secrets, just to appreciate later. I gradually learned that seasons change, friends change, feelings change, attitudes change, and yes “people change.” Don’t want to remind myself of anything in particular but one…..I have changed and you have changed.

While playing that game, one blink, and there used to be a different pattern. Wait, wait the patterns used to change or my perception of them. So… is it me who has changed or it is my perception towards people, life, desires, and challenges..? Now I know our perceptions govern our actions. Don’t you think this is an important connotation for all?

Sometime back I read and realized what we believe/think, we perceive. Ever heard of the Rorschach Ink Blot Test (a few of you surely have)? It is based on the fact that a person will see and report what he actually has in the subconscious. As children, we took the test umpteenth time but we did not use to think then, at least not beyond boats and animals. Why not try playing it now? I firmly intend to do it and find the unseen meanings because I really aim to know all the why’s of my feelings, thoughts, and behaviour.

I see an elephant and you see a tiger and that’s the reason we are different. Actually, the patterns don’t change by themselves, we change them. Did you get it…….yes it’s us who change them. We act as a catalyst to change, so why blame the patterns then? Our life’s model changes because our philosophies change. What exactly I need to say is that change is in our hands, whatever and however we want it. Let’s not blame people, situations…..and yes GOD.

Another rationale why I loved the game was, I saw what I wanted to witness. We can play this game in real without looking at the sky. I believed in seeing a rose on opening my eyes and it used to be so strong that not even me but my friends could see what I sought them to. Gradually with life’s expectations, I lost that capacity of dense beliefs. I totally forgot this game but now that I have it back and will teach it to all I know. It’s the game to bring “in” what we seek. We know that change is definitely constant but our mind is not. If you have read “The Secret”, I’m trying to bring forth what has already been said but in my way of understanding and stating ideas. We can have our life designed the way we want to. It’s all in the state of mind.

So, come! Let’s play…….

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