Hi, Welcome to Your Counselling Corner. A Place for Listening and Support!

Please review the online agreement and consent form to make an informed decision.

It is an agreement between you and your mental health professional at Your Counselling Corner.

Before the beginning of our work together it is necessary for us to have a working agreement, so that we know what is required of us.

We provide online counseling services to clients who feel the need to discuss their problems as we help them find effective solutions. We are committed to helping you and giving you quality care. So be assured that by booking sessions with us, you will be able to gain an insight into the problems that are troubling you as your mental health professional will help you explore the possible solutions. Most of our clients have found our sessions to be very helpful in addressing whatever issues they have come in to discuss.

Please carefully read the following information to find out what’s involved.


All information discussed within the session will be kept in strict confidence. However, the mental health professional is bound by legal or ethical duty to reveal confidential information in the following circumstances:
•Written consent is given by the client to release the information to a third party.
•Client is in serious danger of doing harm to self, or harm to others (e.g. where there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse, abuse to the elderly or disabled, abuse of patients in mental health facilities, sexual exploitation).
•The court of law subpoenas (ordered to do so by judge in the court of law) information for a legal.


•All the online counselling sessions via Skype or Zoom are pre-paid to ensure the commitment and the seriousness of seeking counselling.
•Payment for the session need to be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment for a booking to be confirmed. Payment can be
made through bank transfer.


•Session are organised for an agreed date and time.
•We request you to be online on time.
•If you are late attending the session we will stay online for 15 minutes to allow for any eventualities. If you do not make contact with
in this time then the session will be considered missed and will be cancelled. No refunds will be made in the case of no-shows, or
cancellations made within 2 hours to the time of the appointment.
•If you are late attending your session, we will still end on the original time for the session.
•If you wish to cancel a session you are asked to give a minimum of 24 hours notice by either email or Skype/WhatsApp message.
•Any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments must be made in writing (via e-mail or WhatsApp ) at least 24 hours before the time of
the scheduled appointment. 50% of the session fee will be charged for any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments made within 24
hours to the time of your appointment. Refunds will be processed within the next working day.
•If you miss your agreed session and have not given sufficient notice then your payment will be kept.


We work with all clients in a professional manner. To get the best out of online counselling session, we recommend you to ensure you are in a comfortable and safe space or in a room where you will not be distracted during the session. It is good practice to be ready 5-10 minutes before an online session to make sure everything works and you feel ready to start our work together. Likewise, after a session, it is a good idea to give yourself some time to readjust before you go back to your daily life.


Counselling/Psychotherapy require your active involvement, honesty, and openness in order for you to increase your self-awareness and take those steps to change. Remembering or talking about unpleasant events, feelings, or thoughts may result in you experiencing considerable discomfort or feelings such as anger, sadness, worry, fear, anxiety or depression or difficulties with sleeping etc. This is an often times necessary part of online counselling. Attempting to deal with the issues that brought you to counselling/therapy may result in changes that were not originally intended such as making changes in your relationships or employment. Sometimes counselling may take a while to be of help/benefit to the client. Change will sometimes happen quickly, but more often it will take time and patience on your part. There is, however, no guarantee as to the outcomes of these services as counselling depends on various factors. There is no guarantee that online psychotherapy/counselling will yield positive or intended results.

You being a client understand that you may be assigned homework tasks to complete in between sessions. We expect you to finish your home-work before your next session, otherwise you will have to find some time to finish it during session. You are entirely responsible for your own actions and will always make your own final decisions with regards to counselling.


Our work together is confidential. We ensure that all information is kept safe and protected. We ask that you do the same. It would not appropriate to post/share onto social networks/forums any written correspondence between us from our work together. Nobody will record the session without the permission from the others person(s). Likewise, you are expected to keep our communications confidential.


Your relationship with the professional psychologist is therapeutic and very professional. In order to preserve the relationship, it is imperative that the psychologist does not have any other relationship with you so your Mental Health Professional will keep appropriate boundaries. For this reason, your Mental Health Professional will not accept any invitations via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn nor will they respond/accept comments/ messages personally from clients. To maintain the confidentiality and the boundaries of our work it is not appropriate to be engaged “socially” on any social network, social or professional forums. The Mental Health Professional /Psychologist cares about helping you but not in a position to be your friend or you have social or personal relationship. Personal and business relationships undermine the effectiveness of therapeutic relationship.


When working online it is important to maintain security through reasonable measures to ensure confidentiality. It is important to use a secure internet connection rather than public/free Wi-Fi for a disruption free session.

You, as a client must understand that you are responsible for ensuring confidentiality with your computer systems or any other device by making sure to log out of your email/ Skype/ Zoom account from your computer or any other device you use to avail counselling services and never reveal your passwords to anyone. You will never leave your computer or any other device unattended while you are signed in for session. You will clear all browsing history and delete the cookies after the session.

Although the Mental Health Professional at yourcounsellingcorner.com has taken a significant number of steps to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of online communication(s) between you (client) and her (Mental Health Professional), these actions, in whole or in part, cannot guarantee the security of Internet transmissions.


You as a client must aware that online counselling is technical in nature and there may be issues with Internet connectivity. In the event of any such happenings, if either of us experience technical difficulties, will undertake to contact each other straight away and try to reconnect online within 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes you or I are still unable to connect, we can re-schedule appointment at no additional cost. We also need a back-up plan (e.g., WhatsApp/ Telegram number where you can be reached) to restart the session or to reschedule it, in the event of technical problems.


As counselling/therapy is a professional therapeutic relationship it will end at some point. You are welcome to have as few or as many sessions as you feel you need and to end therapy at any point that feels right for you.

However, if your Mental Health Professional feel that she is no longer able to provide the professional support you need or if she feel that continuing with counselling/therapy is not ethical, or where issues of mental health run beyond the scope of my ability to help, she will talk to you about her concerns and may advise you to visit a relevant professional or suggest a referral to another professional.

The Mental Health Professional reserves the right to terminate the counselling relationship when the client is not abiding by the agreement or is perceived to be a threat to the Mental Health Professional’s well-being.


You understand that you must be at least 18 years of age to avail online counselling service by the Mental Health Professional at yourcounsellingcorner.com. If you are under the age of 18, you need to get the parent consent form filled to avail online counselling service by the Mental Health Professional at yourcounsellingcorner.com following which we can proceed with the session.

You understand that online counselling/therapy is not appropriate/suitable, if you are experiencing an enduring mental health illness, are experiencing acute distress or experiencing a crisis or having suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

As mentioned/stated in our disclaimer, If you feel you are in crisis or are in danger of harming yourself then is it imperative that you contact the emergency services for help or go to your nearest A&E department.

If you have any questions regarding counselling/therapy, about professional background of the Mental Health Professional/Psychologist and about the Terms and Conditions of the Online Agreement and Consent Form you have read on the website, you can drop your query via Email/ Instagram’s DM/or Facebook Messenger about this at any time and we will get back to you.

•If you have read and understood Terms and Conditions given in the Online Counselling Agreement and Consent
and you are willing to proceed with online counselling, please take a moment to complete the Form here and submit.
•We will reach out to you within 1 working day to assist you regarding your counselling appointment and all the info for the prepaid
payment options.
•We will arrange a mutual time and date, and we will ask you to pay for your first session.
•Please note all our sessions are pre-paid.
•We can then continue working together for as many sessions as you find helpful.

We are happy that you are all set to start your journey of healing.
We are ready to assist you and look forward to working with you in your healing and fulfilling counselling journey.