Tips that help you stay happy in everyday life!

Happiness is one thing that everyone wants in life. But do we actually feel happy all the time? No, we don’t, as more often we are occupied with lots of stuff and forget to enjoy life. Everyday responsibilities and worries do not let us seek joy in small things.

So to live happily, it is very important that we live our life mindfully and find pleasure and happiness in every moment, irrespective of all the situations that we may encounter.

Following are the tips which if adopted in everyday life, can surely make you happy.

Enjoy the Present Moment

To live in the present moment is the key to happiness. Be conscious of every moment of life, as it will give you an opportunity to reflect and you will naturally feel more joyful. When you start enjoying the present moment without judgments, you will feel happy. Make sure you engage yourself in activities that give you peace and satisfaction, e.g. listening to music, dancing or anything you like doing. Be mindful of all the things that you do. Go with the flow and you will feel all the happier.

Feel Proud of your Accomplishments

It’s good to take pride in your accomplishments. Always take delight in your accomplishments. It could be as small as to regularly wake up early to do meditation or it could be as big as to get an award for your hard work. Share your success stories with others. It always gives you a happiness when people know about your achievements and compliment you for the same.

Avoid Over thinking

Do not indulge in over thinking, as it will not do any good to your mind, rather you will fall into a trap of negative thoughts that only steals your joy and happiness. As Anthony Hopkins says, that “We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a deathtrap.” So always avoid overthinking and embrace your decisions to be happy and joyful rather than pondering over the whys and hows.

Look for Goodness around you and Spread the Happiness

In recent times, when we are bombarded with so much negative news and info, it becomes difficult to trust strangers and to find goodness around us. But is it, the true picture of whole humanity? No, as if you, look around you will see the goodness in people, this will surely lift your mood and bring a smile on your face. It would be nice to spread happiness around you by smiling at someone, starting a conversation or befriending someone. Complimenting others for their dresses, qualities or anything that you like about them not only makes them feel great, but all these small gestures also make you feel happy.

Try Something New Every day

Everyday routine makes our life monotonous. So make it a habit to learn or try to do something new every day. Doing new things increases your happiness and you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Plan your Day Ahead

It is a good idea to plan your day ahead, as when you know your next day activities, it would become easier for you to manage your time accordingly. You will be more realistic in your approach and know what to expect from the day. When you pre-plan and get to finish the tasks without any hassles, it will bring a smile on your face and you will feel happy.


Gratitude makes you feel happy from within. When you say thanks to your friends, parents or strangers, it deepens your happiness. You should cultivate this habit, as it will make you more aware of the goodness around us and you will feel gratitude towards everything, be it people or nature. The feeling of gratitude makes us feel more peaceful and brings joy to our lives. Life seems more beautiful and pleasant when we make peace with what we have, and that gives us a true happiness.

So the above-mentioned tips help you to live happily and you also feel more in control when you do everything in life mindfully. It gives you freedom and you feel more joyful.

Stay Happy!

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