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A self-help book for Indian women by Dr. Rachna Arora and Deepika Sharma.

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Indian Women and The Shaadi Conundrum


A self-help book for Indian women


Indian Women and The Shaadi Conundrum is written in the context of Indian society and speaks directly to Indian female readers. It is for all the Indian women who wish to empower themselves to live a happy and fulfilling married life. 

Finding lasting happiness in marriage can be difficult for many women. Some end up suffering in silence, only to be looked down upon for no fault of theirs.
This book, in a step-by-step progression, shows a better way to choose the partner, deal with pre-wedding stress and smoothly transition into married life. It enriches women with all the essential information that is required for marriage. It also gives the insight of psyche of our society and encourages women to have a realistic perspective towards the institution of marriage.  
It deals primarily with the issues and challenges that Indian women face pre and post marriage and helps women to mentally prepare to effectively cope up with them.  The book helps a woman to better understand the relationship dynamics and build a beautiful relationship with husband and at the same time developing a rapport with marital family without compromising her individuality, self-respect, and dignity.   
Using real-life stories of women from various ages and stages of life, this book highlights common issues that women face and provides solutions to those issues. This book discusses the different types of conflict that women face post marriage and also explored the reasons behind them and is helpful for women who struggle to deal with challenges of married life and need help with the adjustments problems they may face post-marriage. The book contains the self-help tools and skill building techniques that help women in dealing with conflicts with confidence and at the same time maintaining peace and harmony within relations. 
In the nutshell, Indian Women and The Shaadi Conundrum is an effort to empower women so that they can take control over their lives and enables them to live a peaceful, satisfied and happy life. 
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