Before you say yes

Relationships are an integral part of our lives as they help us grow in life. They make us laugh, give us security, happiness, support and we all feel safe when we are surrounded by healthy relationships. But if we are surrounded by unhealthy relationships they make our life worse as we feel insecure, unhappy, dissatisfied and we may even feel depressed. So to have fulfilling and happy life it is very important to have a healthy relationship in life.

We all wish for good and healthy relationships in our life. But good relationships aren’t forged automatically, we need to invest our time and energy to nurture them. The foundation of a healthy relationship is based on key factors such mutual respect, trust, honesty, support, equality, forgiveness, and most important a good communication.

When you get into a relationship, you need to understand that your relationship is not about the other person but it is about you.

Getting married is one decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it significantly affects the quality and all aspects of life. So, before entering into marriage, it is very important to ask yourself why you are getting into it? It would be wise to consider this with serious reflection. It is important to pause and ask yourself few questions. Be realistic and practical when getting into a marriage and ask yourself what you really want from your life and this new relationship.

You also need to understand that marriage is neither a goal nor a destination, but a part of life’s journey. But this is one such aspect that affects the whole journey of life.

We all are unique individuals and we all aspire to do something in life and we all want to live a life of our dreams. When getting married, you need to think about the things that matter to you. It may be your dreams, career, goals, aspirations, needs, desires, your spiritual inclination, your views about babies, money, family, relationships and think of everything that is important to you and then see whether the person you are committing for life, understands your aspirations and values and will he be supportive of you.

Just try to imagine your future with the person and see if he fits into the image of your companion. Would you two complement each other? Will two of you be able to live the life together you wished for? Are two of you compatible? You should also think about the things that you two are opposite in?  Will both of you be able to resolve the conflicts? Are two of you ready to sacrifice and compromise if a need arises? Will you be able to behave and act without any pretense? Will you be able to be yourself?

It could be endless things that matter to you in your life. But make sure you have no doubts or conflicts in your mind. Do not be blind, defensive or ignore the reality or facts about the other person. Do not think that person will going to change for you or you will control him as per your wish. Be realistic and true to yourself.

So try thinking from every angle. Introspect yourself and be honest about your own expectations from your life and the person you are dreaming of spending life with.

If you are confused, unsure, or have some apprehensions please make sure you are going in a right direction.  You need to analyze yourself and try to find out the reasons why you are really confused or in dilemma? It is important to find out your reasons and contemplate realistically and then see what are the reasons that put you in dilemma.

If there is something that is bothering you, it’s best that you should talk about it rather than holding it in. Talk to him honestly and just tell your concerns.

Before committing him for marriage you need to be 100% sure about your decision as this is going to affect all aspects of your life post marriage. So it’s very important to take a well-informed decision.

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